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specializes in prosthetics and related dental products for dentists throughout Vancouver BC and beyond.

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About us

Petra Dental Lab

specializes in prosthetics and related dental products for dentists throughout Vancouver BC and beyond. From our modern laboratory in Maple Ridge, we also offer denture repair and other services to members of the public. Our aim is to get it right for the patient, always.
Our products and services to dentists for NHS and private work include prosthetics, chrome cobalt, denture repairs, mouth guards and bleaching trays.

At Petra Dental Lab

we take pride in delivering a high-quality dental product with a high level of customer service. We treat each case as though we were fitting it to ourselves.
This applies to both NHS and private clients. BM Dental Laboratory provides high-quality solutions for dentists and patients.

Working with dentists

Modern Laboratory

Our modern laboratory enables us to provide precision restorations consistently, in a timely manner

Free Delivery

Providing free delivery and postal labels as part of our service makes the whole process easier for you

Short Notice Orders

Our facilities and skills allow us to accommodate short-notice orders, and we are committed to giving each order our careful and timely attention

Petra Dental Lab

Petra Dental Lab believes good communication builds strong relationships with our dentists. The technician dealing with your case will be available to speak to you directly by phone, email, or if required, a visit to your surgery

Sersonal Service

We have a professional approach, offer personal service and are attentive to every client’s individual needs

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  • Our prosthetics are produced to the highest standards using top-quality materials.
  • The excellent fit and aesthetics will please you and your patients.
  • Finished partial dentures supplied fitted to master model. Private dentures are contoured (smooth or stippled) and finished with your selection from our list of private teeth.
  • Executive dentures add high-impact acrylic and gum staining with your choice of teeth.
  • All chrome cobalt frameworks are quickly and accurately manufactured. This is done by a local, specialist laboratory, with which we have a close working relationship.
  • We are happy to use your designs, or will work with you to supply one.
  • All of our whitening trays are vacuum-formed for a perfect fit.
  • Our trays are scalloped and made with reservoirs unless otherwise stated.
  • Once we have received the mould from the dentist, mouth guards are produced quickly in the latest high-quality protective material. Available in any combination of colors and thickness.
  • At Petra Dental Lab we use the finest-quality dental bars and implants to ensure the best possible results.
  • We constantly update and review the technology to make sure our clients receive the best service and products.
  • We work closely with dentists and patients during the design and manufacturing process and are always available to discuss individual cases.